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Keyword Research for Makers

Super easy way to research keywords and get blog post ideas for creating search engine optimised traffic that'll convert.

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“Sped up our keyword research and AI powered content creation flow 5x”

Steve, HustleSEO Creator


Keyword Data

Search search volume history

Quickly see the search volume for your chosen keyword over the past 12 months to catch trending topics.


Find Keywords

Discover new keywords to target

HustleSEO looks at some of the best keyword datasets to surface related niche keywords for you to target.

AI Generated Ideas

Content ideas generated by AI

We use AI to give you a list of 10 content ideas for each keyword you search for, giving you inspiration for your next post.


Check Competition

See how hard it is to rank

Our data will show you how difficult it would be to rank for your related keywords, and how much it might cost if you paid for search ads.

Early Access


50 Credits
  • 50 Credits
  • up to 1000 related keywords
  • 1 Year of traffic trends
  • 500 content ideas
  • One-off payment
Most Popular
100 Credits
  • 100 Credits
  • up to 2000 related keywords
  • 1 Year of traffic trends
  • 1000 content ideas
  • One-off payment
200 Credits
  • 200 Credits
  • up to 4000 related keywords
  • 1 Year of traffic trends
  • 2000 content ideas
  • One-off payment
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Frequently Asked Questions


Give me the quick pitch.
HustleSEO provides simple keyword research tools for website owners.

You can currently research new keyword ideas for and track historical search data to know which keywords and topics are worth targeting your SEO efforts on. As well as have an AI generate 10 content ideas tailored to your keyword.
Do you offer a free trial?
Nope - we offer fair subscription package.

Each billing cycle you get a fresh allowance of keywords to research, which will give you all the data, 10 different content ideas for that keyword, and also give you a list of 20 related keywords to explore further.
What can I do today?
Today you can get keyword data trends, generate a list of related keywords to help you find new ideas for your content, and generate blog post title ideas using AI.

We're working on more tools to help you track your search rankings, and analyse your competitors - in fact, they're built, we're just testing them internally right now.
Can't I just use free tools for this?
Perhaps - but our simple interface makes it incredibly easy to get started.

HustleSEO is built to make it easy for indie makers, bootstrappers, and growing businesses to research keywords. Not get bogged down in piecing together endless free tools.
Is SEO success guaranteed?
Not at all. SEO is a long game, and there are no guarantees.

However, HustleSEO will help you find new ideas for keywords to rank for - which is a crucial part of the SEO mix.
I have more questions.
You can email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We can't help you directly with your SEO, but we can help answer questions about the tools and how they work.


Keyword Research for Makers.

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